Ramadhan Relief 1437 AH

This Ramadhan you helped support 818 families“O people, whosoever among you gives a meal to break the fast to a believer who is fasting during this month, his rewards with Allah will be the releasing of his neck [from the Hell-Fire] and forgiveness for his past sins.”

As the blessed month of Ramadhan has begun, you sleep comfortably knowing that the shopping has been Ramadhan Relief 2016 Poster Canada sdone and our pantries are full to break our fast with ease. As the hunger hits us during the day, we begin to Ramadhan Relief 2016 Poster USA sappreciate the privilege of having an abundant amount of food on the table when the sun has set and the time has come to break our fast. Today, for the people in Tanzania and Kenya, Africa, the never ending struggle continues as they are unable to cope with the economic difficulties which does not allow for them to prepare for this special holy month.

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Ramadhan Relief 1436 AH

Ramadhan smallTogether, Let’s Give Hope This Ramadhan…

“Do not let the deserving and needy people go from you with empty hands if they come to as a favor of you.” – Imam Ali (AS)

As we near the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadhan, preparations begin by shopping to fill our pantry, ensuring that there is enough food to eat after we break our fast. Today, the trial and tribulations around the world are increasing on a daily basis and does not allow those from war torn countries to cities, towns and villages devastated from natural disasters, to prepare for this special holy month. 

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NASIMCO with The World Federation is pleased to launch its annual Ramadhan Relief Fund which aims to ease the plight of thousands people who struggle daily in so many different ways.  Our hope is to make others feel loved and cherished through our support this month so that they too can benefit from the countless blessings the month of Ramadhan has to offer. 

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